Founded in June 2008, Charlotte Writers is a group dedicated to helping and encouraging fiction writers of all levels, experiences, and genres in pursuing their dreams of publication. For beginning writers we offer feedback and methods in helping to make sure that your first steps into writing are positive ones, while for the more experienced writers we offer substantive critiques to help sharpen your work on its way to submission for publication. We have writers who have professional credits to their name from both big and small publishing houses, whether they are short stories or full-length novels. We also have writers who have literary representation. With this large swath of experience, Charlotte Writers can offer you guidance to reaching your goals.

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“ Charlotte Writers was great. The people were either very nice, very knowledgeable, or both 🙂 ” — Michael Morrowfox

“ I enjoyed meeting the group as a +1 with Nick Bowen this past Saturday. I look forward to participating as much as I can. ” — Mary

“ I was pleasantly surprised to see so many wonderful collection of diverse writers. I left the meeting feeling inspired, encouraged, motivated to finish my own project. It was as though I put my foot on the pedal for speeding up into the free way of writing with great companions along the way. I look forward to our next gathering in two weeks. Thank you so much everyone. ” — Quanta

“ A very supportive and energetic group of writers. ” — Jenna MacFarlane

“ A strange group, but since when are writers are normal? Normal people wouldn’t consider writing. Normal people don’t wake up everyday, open a vein and spill their blood over plain white paper. Dr. Michael W. Popejoy ” — Michael W. Popejoy

“ Great people who give honest, respectful critiques of a writer’s submission.” — Sylvia Shumake

“ Great meeting. I learned a lot. ” — Thomas M. Corwin

“ Good. I wish there was a meeting to discuss the general; mechanics of writing versus critiques. ” — Paul Metheney

“Quite helpful and enjoyable. Very nice folks… ” — David Isner

“ A terrific group of talented people interested in helping each other improve their work. A smart, fun, creative bunch. ” — Regis

“ A great group for writers of all levels to attend. ” — Robyne Renee Vickers

“ Very pleased. Great people with thoughtful comments and pleasant attitudes. ” — Robert Williams

“ I like the group’s concept very much. It is always interesting and useful to aspiring writers. ” — Richard Sharp

“ If you are a writer and want to be around others with similar goals/outlook who will read your stuff nonjudgmentally and give you good feedback, then come on out. ” — Darin Kennedy

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