These files are for critique purposes only.

Respect the confidentiality and copyrights of others, and do not share files with non-members.

Be prepared to discuss the following submissions during the upcoming meeting at TacoMac South Park location. Downloads should be available 3 weeks prior to the meeting.


For those picked to submit:
Please email your submissions to by the Sunday night after being chosen. If your work is not posted by the following Wednesday, your opportunity may be withdrawn if no notice is given to why you have not been able to post your work.

  • Use Standard Manuscript Format, including proper page number format. If you have not reviewed this already, please do so. Do not assume you know what this means.
  • Maximum word count is 5000. Mark in the manuscript where the 5000 word limit is the work is longer than that. (No work longer than 7000 will be accepted.)
  • File format should be .doc. Not .docx.
  • Include your email address on the first page.
  • Also, a small blurb noting genre, expected length of entire piece, and your expectations for it (contest, publishing, etc.)

For members to critique the work:
Please register for the Saturday critique session in order to receive access to the file download page. Register using the Eventbrite “List of Events” on the right side column of the website.