Writing Prompt: 4

ready set writeNever forget to have fun with your writing. Every week we’ll post a prompt for you to use in any way you’d like. Be it a short story, flash fiction, something to start off an idea for a novel, or a poem; write what makes you happy. If you’d like to share your work, create a post to your website or blog and leave us a comment with the URL. Or, you’re welcome to keep it to yourself if you’d prefer.

This week’s prompt:

Random Genre. Use a random number generator to pick a genre below (1-15). Write 500 words in that genre.

1. Action / Adventure
2. Horror
3. Humor / Satire
4. Romance
5. Young Adult
6. Science Fiction
7. High Fantasy
8. Mystery / Suspense
9. Western
10. Urban Fantasy
11. Superhero
12. Noir Fiction
13. Historical Fiction
14. Fairy Tale / Myth Retelling
15. New Adult / Chick Lit