Welcome to the Charlotte Writers Group!

Founded June 5th, 2008, CWG is Charlotte’s premiere writing and publishing group dedicated to cultivating a thriving literary and genre fiction community in the Queen City. Our organization is committed to helping novice writers learn the craft of writing and storytelling, assisting experienced writers on their way to publication, and providing published authors a chance to share and give back to their community while taking part in workshops, lectures, and interviews. Many of our current and past membership have had work published at all levels of the professional publishing industry, and with this wealth of knowledge and experience we truly believe we provide our members with a high level of quality interaction. We work hard to be the best in our pursuit of helping our members achieve their fullest potential.

Now in January of 2015, Charlotte Writers moves to an independent website from the original Meetup to further this pursuit. Please take some time to explore the new site and see what we are about. New content will be continually added.

Hopefully you will like what you see and we will see you soon!