Interview with a Writer: Darin Kennedy


Charlotte Writers would like to introduce our new bi-monthly feature – Interview with a Writer. Here we spotlight writers from our group and learn about their particular process. For our first interview, we are starting with Darin Kennedy, one of the original organizers of the Charlotte Writers Group.


Question: What role has Charlotte Writers Group played in your writing journey?

Answer: Charlotte Writers has been an essential part of my journey. When I first moved to Charlotte in 2009, I sought a group of writers to help critique my work as well fellow creative types to commiserate in the trenches. Now, seven-plus years later, most of my good friends in Charlotte all come from my connections in this group and I owe a lot of my happiness since moving back to NC to this group. Also, having my work critiqued as well as critiquing other people‚Äôs work every other week for five straight years significantly improved my ability to both write and edit effectively. Lastly, as the second organizer of the group after the founder, Brendan McKennedy, I was able to develop as a leader in a different direction than my time in medicine and the military had led. Not to mention, what a great group of people to spend time with week after week. Writers! Continue reading “Interview with a Writer: Darin Kennedy”