Karen’s Conundrum – The Idiomatic Idiom and the Coquettish Colloquialism

The Idiomatic Idiom and the Coquettish Colloquialism

This past month I have had my serving platter-sized plate heaped with close to two thousand pages of trial and deposition testimony. One of the many challenging, yet fun, aspects of my job as a scopist (one who proofreads/edits transcripts for court reporters), is working with the spoken word. Witnesses, whether they are experts or laypeople—and let’s not leave out the attorneys—often speak in a conversational style and will quickly start using idioms and colloquialisms in ways that can make one want to pull their hair out. Karen's Conundrum Logo Continue reading “Karen’s Conundrum – The Idiomatic Idiom and the Coquettish Colloquialism”